Shockwave Therapy for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

What is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave therapy is an innovative method in the treatment of erectile dysfunction that delivers low-frequency waves to help regenerate and restore blood vessels and tissues in the penis.

This treatment type has been widely used in the medical field, particularly in the treatment of joint injuries, and, for years, has proven effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Is Shockwave Therapy Effective for Treating Erectile Dysfuction?

Shockwave therapy has proven to be one of the most effective treatment options for erectile dysfunction and one that delivers excellent results. Studies show this type of treatment delivers successful results in approximately 90% of patients, particularly those who suffer from erectile dysfunction of vascular origin.

Shockwave therapy is a highly recommended option for patients who have not had success with other treatments and are seeking alternatives to surgery.

Are All Patients Eligible For Shockwave Therapy?

Patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction as a result of vascular disorders, such as high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, kidney failure or other disorders that affect the circulatory system are good candidates for shockwave therapy and have a high success rate, in comparison to other treatment options.

Does Shockwave Therapy Have Side Effects?

There have been no reported side effects from this treatment option. Additionally, the great advantage of shockwave therapy is that it is a pain-free, outpatient procedure that allows patients to carry on with their regular activities after each session.

Are There Any Medications Required To Complement This Treatment?

No medications are required to complement shockwave therapy. Additionally, the treatment does not cause any medication interactions.

Is Shockwave Therapy Compatible With Other Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction?

Shockwave therapy is compatible with other treatments for erectile dysfunction, including PRP (platelet rich plasma) and oral medications, as well as surgical intervention. Consulting a medical professional is recommended.

Can Shockwave Therapy Be Used to Treat Peyronie’s Disease?

Although shockwave therapy is mainly utilized by urologists to treat cases of erectile dysfunction, it has also proven effective for patients suffering from Peyronie’s Disease.

How Long is Treatment And How Soon Can Results Be Expected?

The number of Shockwave Therapy sessions varies depending on each individual patient’s needs and treatment plan, but the average is between 6 and 8 sessions. Each session usually lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. 90% of patients report improvement after the third session.

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