Erectile Dysfunction treatment with Platelet-Rich Plasma

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a biological and autologous material, obtained from the same patient by means of a common venous puncture, in this way fresh blood is obtained which will then be centrifuged under aseptic or purification conditions to separate its different elements where they derive up to 12 different proteins that act as a restorer of aged or deteriorated tissues.

Its use goes back more than 20 years in different medical specialties such as ophthalmology, traumatology, orthopedics, general and aesthetic surgery, dental implantology, sports medicine, rheumatology, among others. Most of the medicinal areas use this treatment thanks to its powerful tissue regenerating power.

In whom is this treatment used?

This method is used in male sexual health dysfunctions that are quite related such as Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease. By applying PRP, damaged tissues are repaired restoring tissue function, correcting function and composition. of damaged tissues.

The results are observed three to four weeks after the treatment, according to the initial condition of each patient.

Men Solutions has treated more than 420 patients in Europe with results ranging from 75% to 85% favorable results. Now headquartered in South Florida, it brings from Europe its technique for previously diagnosed patients, being honest to offer any treatment because the ethical values are based on honesty in any medical situation.

It is important to mention that PRP is NOT recommended for all patients. If someone has blood pressure or instability such as anemia cannot apply the treatment, the reasons are obvious, your life would be at great risk.


On the other hand, people with cancer in any area of the body or having suffered it in the last 5 years are not recommended to perform treatments like this. That is why performing previous blood tests will contribute significantly to the protection of each patient.


Being an autologous, biological treatment, that is, the patient’s own material, side effects do not exist. However, treatment by the doctor in charge should not be neglected since not taking the proper care could cause bruising, infections or even injury in the treated area. At Men Solutions there is nothing to worry about since all of our doctors are trained and certified.

Author: Dr. Fernando Salas – Surgeon / Andrologist – Men Solutions

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